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2017: A Year in Review

Welcome back to our blog! We can’t believe the year is ending, it feels like January 2017 was just yesterday. We’ve had a great year full of awesome projects and amazing clients. We feel lucky to serve Culpeper and its surrounding areas.

We are also proud that we have kept our blog alive and have provided our readers with informative articles about siding, windows, and gutters. This year we also started an Instagram! If you haven’t followed us yet, you can follow us @culpeperwindowsiding! We wanted to join another social media platform to share photos of our work as well as keep in touch with our clients.

And, if you didn’t know we also have a Facebook. You can like our page here: Culpeper Window & Siding. If you post pictures of our work, feel free to tag us so we can share them on Facebook and Instagram.

To close out the year, we want to share with our readers our 10 favorite blog posts of 2017. So please take a look at them!

  1. Preventing Mold and Mildew from Growing on Your Home’s Siding
  2. Preparing Your Gutters for the Rainy Season
  3. 5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows
  4. 13 Facts About Vinyl Siding
  5. Is It Time For New Siding?
  6. Why Your Gutters Need A Summer Cleaning
  7. Hidden Green Benefits of Vinyl Siding
  8. 5 Things To Consider For Your Next Gutter Installation
  9. Why You Should Consider Window Replacement in the Fall
  10. How To Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

Have you read any of these? Let us know what you think! And please let us know what other articles would you like to see in 2018. What other topics should we be writing about?

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And remember if you are in the Culpeper area and are in need of windows, gutters or siding replacement, give us a call! We will be happy to help!

Culpeper Window & Siding wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season!