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5 Signs That Tell You That It’s Time for a Gutter Installation

It seems like the rain just won’t stop in the Culpeper area. While it might be a good sign for the people anxiously waiting spring time, it also means that your gutters should be prepared for the months of rain coming our way. Many times, homeowners find themselves in a pickle when their gutters start to fail during the heavy rain season. So before we get too deep into the rainy season, you want to make sure that your gutters are working properly.

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We have made a list of five signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your gutters.

  1. Cracks: Even having small cracks in your gutters could be an issue because they eventually become bigger cracks that can damage the fascia boards, the shingles, and the foundation.
  2. Peeling Paint: Is the paint from your gutters peeling? While this could be an age issue, it should NOT be happening with new or relatively new gutters. The peeling paint is a sign that your gutters are not removing water.
  3. Puddles of Water: Pools of water around your foundation is a major problem. The purpose of gutters is to keep the water away from your foundation, so it doesn’t ruin it. But first, make sure that it’s not a clog, if it isn’t then you have a problem with the gutter system.
  4. Saggy Gutters: A saggy gutter will most likely pull away from your home because it is full of water. While you can repair it, it could be costly and you are better off replacing it.
  5. Mildew and Rotting: Check for mildew around the foundation and rotting on exterior wood trims like window sills.

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If you can check off at least one on this list, then you might be in need of new gutters. Call Culpeper Window & Siding at 540-547-9100 to schedule a gutter installation.

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