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6 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is just around the corner, and we are excited about the change of season. We can’t wait for warmer weather and an array of blooming flowers. But with all the fun that comes with springtime, also comes responsibilities. Now that you can finally venture out of your home, you need to do an inspection of your house. Snow and rain storms could have damaged your home, so to prepare for spring and summer we have a list of things that you need to check.

  • Roof: We bet you haven’t been up there in a while. Now it’s a good time to get a ladder and get up there. Check for any spots that may need repairing such as leaks or missing shingles.
  • Gutters: With Spring coming, your gutters need to be ready to handle the rain. So clean them up and take leaves and debris. Also, inspect for leaks and that your downspouts are directing water away from your on ladder cleaning gutters
  • Windows & Doors: If you have caulk around your windows and doors it’s time to take a look at them now. The cold weather might have cracked them, and you might have to recaulk it.
  • Change air filters: Air filters should be replaced at least once a year. If your air filter is dirty, it will make your HVAC system work harder which will result in higher energy bills and more wear on your system.
  • Replace batteries: An important item in the home that many homeowners forget to check is the smoke detector. This spring, be sure to replace the batteries in your smoke detector. This could save your life!replacing batteries in smoke detector
  • Get the mower prepared: Don’t forget to change your mower’s oil and sharpen the cutting blade.

We want your home to be prepared for spring so if you notice that your gutters or windows need to be replaced give Culpeper Window & Siding a call at 540-547-9100.