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Are You Selling Your Home? Install Vinyl Siding!

Is your siding looking a bit worse for wear? After going through years of hot summer sun and cold winter winds, siding can start to look its age. The paint is cracking, the wood is rotting, the color is faded. You might be able to live with it for a few years if you were staying there. However, if you want to put your home on the market, now is the time to get rid of the old and put on the new.

Vinyl is the ideal cladding for the outside of your soon-to-be-sold home, according to experts on vinyl siding in Culpeper.

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Higher Resale Value

According to experts, you can expect to recoup anywhere from 83% to 89% of the cost of vinyl cladding when you go to sell your home. So, if you invest $10,000 in the siding project, you can expect to increase your sales price by $8300 to $8900.

Protection Against the Elements

Vinyl siding has an excellent reputation for protecting Culpeper homes from the elements, year round. It works well to keep the summer rains at bay as well as the cold winds and snow of winter. It can also withstand the strong winds of an N’orester or a tropical system. For a buyer, seeing brand new siding in Culpeper is a big plus.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Once the old siding is off the building, it is easy to make improvements in the insulation and wrapping before installing the new cladding.

Experts on vinyl siding in Culpeper advise increasing the R-value of the insulation to make the inside of the house more comfortable year round. Adding a modern wrap product will improve the airtightness of the home’s envelope. It is also a great time to fix air leaks and insulation problems around windows and doors.

You can also invest in an insulated siding. This siding has a layer of insulation under the vinyl layer. This adds more R-value to your home’s efficiency. And home buyers love energy efficiency.

Ability to Make Needed Exterior Wall Repairs

Another thing made possible by replacing siding in Culpeper is the ability to make repairs to the exterior wall. When you take off the old siding, you will be able to see if there is any rot, leaks, or insect damage. It is the perfect time to make those repairs. The project can be done without disturbing the interior space, which is good for you living inside as well as good for keeping your interior in shape for resale.

Presenting potential home buyers with a list of repairs made make them more confident that problems have already been addressed. According to experts on vinyl siding in Culpeper, it causes them less worry and makes them more likely to buy a property.

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New Siding Makes a Good First Impression

The first impression potential home buyers get of a home is from the photos posted on the real estate listing. The new siding looks good on these photos. It is an attractive upgrade buyers love. Plus, when the buyers roll up to the curb for a viewing, they get to see the upgrade in person. Talk about curb appeal.

These five benefits show why installing vinyl siding on your home before putting it on the market will pay off. To see how vinyl siding will help your home’s resale value, contact Culpeper Window & Siding today. We are the experts in vinyl siding Culpeper residents know and trust.