gutters with clogged leaves

Are Your Gutters Doing Their Job?

In the Culpeper, Orange and Fredericksburg areas, we have had a very rainy Spring and start to our Summer! The amount of rain that has come our way lately brings the potential for various home systems to break or fail. One of those home systems that you desperately need to work is your gutter system. If the gutters aren’t doing their job, water will build up on the side of your home, instead of being carried away. When this happens, you risk flooding and other problems with your home’s foundation. If you’re having issues with your gutters, it’s time to check for the following problems:


  1. Clogged – Gutters become easily clogged with leaves and other debris, making this the most common gutter issue. When they clog, gutters become ineffective and it’s essentially as if you don’t have gutters at all. If you have a ladder, you can easily clean your gutters yourself or you can call a professional to do the job!gutters clogged with leaves
  2. Holes – Holes can develop in gutters in various ways. Galvanized steel gutters are not as popular as they once were because rust can eat through them. Copper and aluminum gutters aren’t as susceptible to rust, but they can be more easily punctured by falling branches or sharp tools.
  3. Leaking Gutters – Leaks can happen when the seams in your gutters are compromised. It can be difficult to find leaks in your gutters, but if you watch them during a rainstorm, you can spot them easily.
  4. Sagging Gutters – Gutters can start to sag and come falling down, if not fixed. If you see your gutter out of place, it’s time to get it repaired!


gutter repair
If you need your gutters repaired or replaced, give us a call today! We will surely see more rain and thunderstorms this Summer and it’s better to have your gutter issue taken care of sooner, rather than later!