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Can I Replace My Windows in the Winter?

Winter has definitely arrived in the Culpeper area. Chilly days, some snow and sharp winds. And you start thinking, “Can I replace my windows?”. Window replacement seems to be a thing of the summer. It’s hot and sunny, maybe having no windows for a bit sounds kind of good, am I right?

But windows can be replaced at any time! And sometimes they have to be replaced. Think about broken or cracked windows; you can’t wait a whole season to replace them. The fear is that replacing windows in the winter could cause you, your family and that cute pet of yours to freeze. But there are practices that we use when it comes to replacing windows in the winter.

  1. We can replace your windows one at a time! We can replace one, and immediately put a new one in so we can prevent your house from becoming a refrigerator. What about larger windows with multiple panels of glass? We can cover the window opening with plastic while the process is happening.

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  1. A simple way to decrease any cold draft from coming in is to keep interior doors closed. If a replacement is going on in one room, close the door to maintain the rest of the house warm.
  1. Worried about snow or mud coming in? We can wear protective booties while in your home, so we do not track any outside dirt and keep your house clean!
  1. The winter provides extra scheduling! Maybe summer is too busy with all the family activities, vacations and work. Replacing windows in the winter season allows for more flexibility. Instead of having to wait until the summer and then canceling, you can call us in the winter time when you have more free time!

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You shouldn’t have to worry about winter window replacement. Our team of experts will make it a quick and easy process. Don’t wait until later to replace your windows and allow drafts to come in causing an increase in your energy bill. Also, think about the extra wear on your heating system as it fights to maintain your house warm.

Contact Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc. for any questions on our process. We want to make sure your installation is done right while keeping your needs in mind.