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winter replacement

Can I Replace My Windows in the Winter?

Winter has definitely arrived in the Culpeper area. Chilly days, some snow and sharp winds. And you start thinking, “Can I replace my windows?”. Window replacement seems to be a thing of the summer. It’s hot and sunny, maybe having no windows for a bit sounds kind of good, am I right? But windows can be replaced at any time! […]

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When you look at your home what do you see?

When you look at your home either after you buy it or after you’ve lived in it for awhile you start to see items that need to be updated inside and out. This is natural because nothing lasts forever. Most people like to start with the inside because this is what they see when they come in the door. This […]

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man mowing lawn

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is the time to clean out your closets and dust off the shelves in your home, but you should think about more than the interior of your home or business. You also need to think about the exterior. Winter weather leaves debris and damage, and if it’s better to take care of it in the spring before your packed […]

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Tammy’s View Part 1…

Lately, I’ve been taking Tammy on appointments with me. I think she is getting the summer fever, which pretty much started in the spring for her when she was able to see all the beautiful flowers. She wants to be outside more which is great for me! She can now measure gutters and leaf-guards then give the homeowner a quote. […]

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