window crack

Causes of Window Cracks and Temporary Fixes

Welcome back to our blog! Today’s post is about… You guessed it! Preventing cracks on your window from spreading. To be more clear, we will show you how to slow down the process, because eventually your window WILL break and you want to get it replaced by our team before it happens!

What causes window cracks?

Your window’s crack could be due to many of things! Someone could have thrown a rock at the window causing an impact crack which is easy to tell. But other times, cracks could be due to stress or pressure.

Stress cracks usually start at the edge of the window and spread across. These cracks are due to temperature. It could be freezing outside, and if you have cranked up the heat inside, your window can begin to crack. Slamming your window shut can also cause these cracks, so be careful!

cold window

Pressure cracks are less common than an impact or stress cracks. These cracks are curved and are due to two reasons: a dramatic drop in pressure in the weather or when the windows are installed too low or too high in elevation level. These are also most commonly seen in insulated or double-paned windows.

So how can you temporarily fix these cracks?

  • You can use masking tape or clear tape! Apply tape on the crack, so it extends past both sides of the crack to help stabilize it. This also prevents water from coming in through the crack.
  • You can also use super glue! Clean off the crack, then apply nail polish and apply the glue.
  • You can try adhesive tape for windshields. Although these are for cars, you can try it on your window. It’s only temporary.

broken window

REMEMBER! These are small temporary fixes to slow down the process and to protect your home. Don’t wait until the glass breaks because it could injure someone. Once you are ready to have your window replaced, give Culpeper Window & Siding a call! We provide a variety of window options.