installing vinyl siding

Don’t DIY- Why You Should Hire a Vinyl Siding Professional

In today’s internet driven world, you can find a thousand of tutorials about ANYTHING on YouTube. You can learn by just watching the video and trying it. While we agree that it can work with some things like learning to fold your laundry the correct way, we believe that vinyl installation it’s best left to the pros. Before you click on your 4th siding installation video and run to start your new project, take a look at the reasons why we believe you should give Culpeper Window & Siding a call for your next siding project.

We have experience with city building codes and permit requirements. In order to change the exterior of your home, you must obtain a building permit. In most cases, you might need to submit the application along with building plans. A professional has the experience and time to navigate the permit system.

building code and tools

We have the tools for the job. And we use a LOT of tools! We are talking about from as small as a tape measure to a break. A break is a piece of equipment that bends metal. It is used to bend metal to conform to the shape of the trim. I don’t think you have one of those laying around. Other tools include but are not limited to a power saw, utility knife, fasteners, unlocking tool, electric drill, etc.

We have the expertise and the eye. Once you have removed the old siding, do you know what you are looking at? You could be looking at rot, or something that a novice can’t identify. And if it’s something that needs work before a siding installation, how would you know?

We have the crew and the time. We can do it quickly because we have the numbers and the skill. Can you take off the days to do this and do you have the right help? If you encounter issues, it might even take you a longer than you expected and you might leave in unfinished.

man installing vinyl siding

Culpeper Window & Siding is the right company for the job! We have the expertise and trust of the Culpeper community. Call us at 540-547-9100 to schedule your vinyl siding install date!