sweeping leaves

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall in Virginia started last week and the season change has already brought some cooler weather! Although you might be digging your ability to bust out and wear your favorite Fall plaids, jeans, boots and more, your house isn’t feeling the same way. Your home will be more affected by lower temperatures, rainy days and upcoming snow storms. Because your home needs a little more TLC to prepare, we’ve made it easy for you with a nice Fall checklist:

leaves on roof

  1. Inspect and clean out your gutters and downspouts. Fall is the season of falling leaves, so you want to make sure to stay on top of clogs!
  2. Seal any cracks or gaps around your doors and windows. You can use some basic weather-stripping and caulk to complete this job!
  3. Winterize any outdoor faucets.
  4. Clean and replace any air filters in your home.
  5. Check your fireplaces for any build-up from the previous year or schedule an inspection from a professional!
  6. Check your humidifier, clean it out or dump any excess liquid.
  7. Check all safety systems in your home, i.e. smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.
  8. Check your roof for any leaks, cracks or damage.
  9. Inspect your siding.
  10. Sweep or rake up any leaves on your property. This will make it easier to manage your landscaping in the Spring and Summer.

curled up by the fire
After you’ve checked off each item, you can sit back, relax and curl up by the fireplace. But remember, if you find any issues with your gutters, siding or windows, then you need to give Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc. a call. We will make sure that your home is ready for the upcoming season!