fall window cleaning

Fall Window Care

With Fall fast approaching, homeowners should take advantage of the nicer weather and check on all of their home’s parts and systems. You should check inside and out, up and down and all around! You want to make sure that everything is clean, tidy and running smoothly! And after a long, hot, and humid Summer in Virginia, one of the things you should check on is your windows.


dirty dusty window


It’s very easy for dirt and grime to stick to your home’s windows and make them impossible to see clearly out of. Not only is this not good for your curb appeal, but there are some practical reasons that you should take care of dirty windows.


First, dirty windows can actually cost you money. If your windows are so dirty that sunlight rays have trouble getting in, then you’re losing out on a free way of heating your home. In turn, you will crank up the heat in your house and pay more money than you would if the rays could make their way in.


Second, if you don’t properly clean your windows often, they can start to become fragile from the built-up dirt and grime. During the Fall, when leaves and sticks come off of trees, dirty windows can become a hazard if they are so fragile that they break.


window cleaning with a brush
Finally, if you ever have windows that look like they’re on their way out, you should always give Culpeper Window and Siding a call! We can give you quotes for different window options that will leave your home looking new!