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How Snow Can Damage your Gutters

Snow might be the pretty, sparkling stuff that winter wonderlands are made of, but it can also wreak havoc on your gutters. Nothing is more frustrating than when you’ve undergone gutter installation by Culpeper only to later have your gutters destroyed by snow. How is snow, something that seems so light and fluffy, damaging to cutters, though, you might ask?

Ice Buildup in Culpeper Gutters

The entire point of gutter installation by Culpeper is to make it so that the water can properly be drained off from your home. When snow is allowed to accumulate on and in your gutters, it turns to ice, and when ice builds up, it provides a blockage that keeps the water from properly draining from your gutters. When the ice builds up enough, it will cause water to run off from the tops and sides of the gutters, which leads to long, heave icicles. The pull of gravity on these icicles could weigh down your gutters, cracking, breaking or otherwise damaging them, necessitating the need for gutter replacement.

ice dams

Ice Dams

Ice dams are another way that snow can damage your gutters. They are just as troubling, if not arguably more so, than ice buildup. The way ice dams forms is when the snow builds up on your roof and then begins to melt even if the temperature is still below freezing. Basically, the warm coming from inside your home warms the snow on the room, melting it enough to where it runs off into your gutters. The gutters aren’t being warmed, though, like your roof, so it’s still below freezing in them. This is troubling because since the temperature is still below freezing, the melted snow freezes back up again, effectively creating ice dams inside your gutters. This makes it so that when the temperature rises and the snow on top of your house starts melting, it still can’t run off through the gutter like it’s supposed to until that ice dam melts, and they usually take longer to melt than the snow does. This means that your roof, shingles, sides of your house and elsewhere are exposed to prolong moisture for longer, which could result in damage and require ultimate gutter replacement.

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Preventing Snow Damage

When you have gutter installation by Culpeper done, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your roof is adequately insulated when you have the gutter installation by Culpeper done. This will help prevent ice buildups and dams from forming when it does snow, and this will, in turn, lead to less snow damage to your roof and gutters.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you keep your gutters properly maintained. Make sure that you keep them unclogged. During the Autumn months, it is common for fallen leaves to accumulate in them. Make sure to keep your gutters cleaned out and cleared from clogs like fallen leaves because these clogs will only make ice build up that much faster in the winter months.

Contact Culpeper for All Your Gutter Needs

If your gutter has become damaged from snow damage and you’re in need of a new gutter or a replacement one, contact Culpeper Window & Siding. We are experts at assessing what’s wrong with your gutter and determining the appropriate fix. We’ll also advise you on replacement, and we can conduce the replacement too.