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How to Maintain Window Screens

As you begin to enjoy the change of weather in the Culpeper area, you also begin your Spring cleaning. The warm weather prompts people to clean and open their windows, and as you are cleaning your windows and window screens, you might discover that your window screen is damaged.

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Window screens are great because they protect your windows and your home from bugs and debris. You can open your window on a nice day, enjoy the breeze and not have to worry about bugs flying in. That is why it’s important to keep your window screens working properly. What can you do to keep your window screens in tiptop shape? Take a look at this list:

Clean: There are many ways to clean your window screens. For example, you could vacuum your screen. Use the soft brush and the low suction option to remove dirt but do not push on the screen; this could cause your screen to stretch. If your screens are removable, you can remove them and wash them off with a garden hose or in the shower. Use a mild soap, rinse and let it dry!

Inspect: Many times, homeowners do not give a second thought to their window screens; they even forget they are there. So, if you take your time to clean them, make sure to inspect them! Check for holes, since even the tiniest rip can allow bugs to sneak in. Sometimes you can repair the damage, but other times you have to replace the screen.

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Maintain: We understand that it might be a hassle and another thing to add to your cleaning list, but if you at least wipe your screens once a week, this can go a long way in extending the life of your window screens. Tip: If you can remove your screen; remove them during wind, rain and snow season to minimize wear. If you can’t or do not want to remove your window screens, you can invest in window storm covers.

Do not neglect your window screens; they are essential to keeping your windows and home clean. If you run into any issues with your windows or screens, remember to call Culpeper Window & Siding!