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How to Protect Your Home’s Exterior During Winter

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, our Fall in the Culpeper area has been pretty warm so far. But, cold weather should be on its way with Winter only a month and a half away. When the cold weather sets in, it can bring along other weather conditions that make your home’s exterior vulnerable. So, what should you do to prepare your home for winter’s wrath?

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  1. Check Foundation – Check the exterior of your home’s foundation to look for any cracks. If there are cracks in the foundation and snow builds up around them, you could end up with a wet basement. Furthermore, the cold temperatures can make the cracks in the foundation worse.
  2. Protect Your Siding – If snow comes into contact with your home’s exterior, it can also create a huge problem for your siding (especially wood siding). If you have any weak areas of siding on your home, it should be fixed or replaced by a professional before it gets too cold. The snow can get through the siding and damage areas of the house that the siding is supposed to protect. You should also remove any snow that builds up around your house, in addition to sidewalks and other walkways.
  3. Protect Your Gutters – When the cold temperatures arrive and it begins to rain, ice or snow, ice dams can form on your roof or in your gutters. This can lead to buildups of ice that can create roof leaks.

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If you’re having any trouble with your siding, windows or gutters before the Winter weather begins, you should give Culpeper Window & Siding a call today. We can ensure that your home’s exterior is well prepared for the upcoming season!