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How To Remove and Prevent Mold on Your Window Sills

Mold growth on your window sills can sometimes be hard to detect. A lot of the times the mold is easy to see, but other times it can be the same color as your window frame. While a little bit of mold is not dangerous if you leave it unattended and it accumulates it can become a health hazard.

The mold is always caused by condensation and leaking windows. The only prevention is vigilance and cleaning. If you regularly clean your windows, you will have a way of preventing mold before it becomes a health hazard for you and your family.You also want to remove it before it can spread and rot the window sills.

Now, when it comes to removing mold, remember that you have to be safe because you could be removing black mold. Black mold can sometimes stain your sills and cause a stale odor. When removing mold:

  1. Put on safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask, so you do not breath in the dangerous fumes.
  2. Inspect every part of your window, so you know where all the mold is.
  3. Lay a plastic or any other protective tarp under your window to catch mold spores.
  4. Open the window so that the mold sores can fall outside of your home.
  5. Brush the mold with a nylon brush dipped in a solution of bleach and warm water.
  6. Clean off the mold with a clean rag until your windows are clean. Wipe away excess water and any residue left.clean windows
  7. Allow the window sill and wood to dry before closing the window.
  8. Vacuum the area and dispose of the plastic tarp.

Cleaning your windows is the only way to prevent any mold from growing. Your windows should be safe as long as you don’t allow the mold to build up. If you want to read more of our blog posts about windows and window replacement take a look at our latest posts:

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