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How Your Gutters Protect Your Home

Many people take their gutters for granted. They know they are attached to the house, but do not really give them a second thought until they become clogged, damaged, or blocked. Then, it becomes apparent what some of the benefits of having gutters really are – to protect your home. You may need a gutter replacement, or you can get a gutter installation by Culpeper Window and Siding, Inc. We will help you look out for your investment and drive water away from your house, reducing the chances of any rainwater damage.

Ways Gutters Protect Inside Your Home

  • Prevent basement flooding – Gutters can prevent water from getting into your basement because the water is directed away from the house. A gutter installation by Culpeper can help give you the comfort of knowing it is going to help your basement stay dry. By making sure the water is not seeping into the ground around your house, you reduce the possibility of the water finding its way into your basement.mold on wall
  • Stop mold and mildew growth – When a basement or room constantly gets soaked with water, it can encourage the growth of mold and mildew. By directing water away from your home, it discourages the mold and mildew from taking hold. By keeping your basement dry, it gives mold and mildew nowhere to live and thrive.
  • Prevent water from getting into your home – Water has a way of finding cracks and entrances into your house. It can find its way in through damaged or worn windows if it is just running down the side of your house. When you properly use gutters, the water is taken away from the house and causes less damage.

Ways Gutters Protect the Outside of your Home

  • Protect your landscaping – When you have gutters, your landscaping will be protected. If you do not have gutters, the water will fall in sheets to the ground and damage anything that is below, including your beautiful flowers and shrubs. When the water falls on these things, it can crush them and cause damage, resulting in you having to replace them.gutters leading to landscaping
  • Prevent erosion and foundation issues – Without gutters, water will create erosion in the area under them. This can allow water to pool around the foundation and find its way into any small cracks. Whenever water and moisture find its way into cracks, it can cause the cracks to get bigger, especially when it is exposed to cold and heat. This is bad because the cold and heat cause the water to expand and contract, which can result in wear and tear of the foundation.
  • Prevent staining of the outside walls – Gutters make sure that the water does not run down the sides of the house. Without them, dirt and leaves can be pushed off the roof and down the sides of the house, creating staining and an unpleasant look.
  • Alleviate paint damage – If you have a house that is painted, constant exposure to water can make the paint wear and cause it to chip and crack. If you get a gutter installation by Culpeper, you can help alleviate this problem and keep your house looking clean and well maintained.

Culpeper Window and Siding, Inc. can help with all your gutter needs. We want your house, landscaping, and property to look beautiful. Fixing or replacing your gutters can make sure that rainwater will not cause any new problems or damage. We can do a gutter replacement or fix the ones you have. Furthermore, you can get a gutter installation by Culpeper. Give us a call at 540-547-9100 to get started with fixing your gutter issues.