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Important Questions to Ask Your Gutter Contractor

Whether you are thinking about installing a gutter system where one doesn’t exist or replacing the one you’ve got, you need to make sure the company you hire to do the work is reputable and professional. You can use the following seven questions to get started:

#1 Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Never hire a contractor who does not have proper licensing, bonding, and insurance in place. A license shows how serious they take meeting local codes. The bond protects you and your home in case the company cannot finish the job. The insurance protects you from potential lawsuits in case a worker gets hurt while doing the job or damage occurs due to the contractor’s actions or negligence.

#2 Will you be using seamless gutters?

There are two ways to install gutters: seamed or seamless. A few decades ago, the only option for installing gutters was in 10-foot sections. That meant there were seams every 10 feet which could leak or fail. The newer and preferred option is seamless gutters. These gutters are formed out of strip metal into one long piece to fit the gutter run. The only seams are on each end, instead of every 10 feet. This minimizes the potential for seam leaks.

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#3 Do you recommend adding gutter covers?

One of the banes of traditional gutters is the fact that leaves and twigs accumulate inside. This requires cleaning them out once or twice a year. This job is dirty and requires multiple trips up and down a ladder. Gutter covers, such as Gutter Rx or Leaf Relief, help keep this problem to a minimum. A reputable contractor should have this option available.

#4 How long will the installation take?

The contractor should be able to give you a solid estimate of time after looking at the house and seeing the scope of work involved. Replacing a simple gutter system on a moderate-sized home may take a day at most. However, more complex jobs can take several days. Some factors that can lengthen the job include larger homes, multiple roof angles, drainage problems, and uninstalling an old system.

#5 Will my roof warranty remain valid after the gutter installation?

Gutters butt up against the edge of your roof. Some roofing manufacturers’ warranties become invalid if the roof edge gets disturbed. It is very important to make sure your roofing warranty doesn’t get invalidated due to the gutter installation. The gutter contractor should be able to address this issue with clear information and not vague platitudes.

#6 Do you do the work yourself or do you subcontract it out?

Installing gutters requires skill and training. Reputable gutter contractors will have their own employees perform the work. That way they know the work will be done with the highest standards and quality. Companies that subcontract the work out are more focused on profit than quality.

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#7 What is your warranty for labor and materials?

The gutter manufacturer will have a warranty included with their materials. However, the gutter contractor should also guarantee the work his company does. If the contractor doesn’t supply a guarantee, go with another contractor. You want a contractor who takes pride in the work his crews put out.

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