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Is It Time For New Siding?

The siding of your home is the most important exterior feature of your home. Think of it as the clothing of your home. The siding is the attire and things like windows are accessories. So, it matters what your siding looks like because it gives everybody walking down the street the first impression of your home, perhaps, even a first impression of yourself.

So if you are reading this, you care about your siding, and you want to know if it’s time for a replacement.

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So what are the signs?

  • Fading: The color of your siding will fade. This will naturally happen over time due to sunlight, wind and varying temperatures. The fading is a sign of your siding aging.
  • Warped, Cracked, Peeling, Bucking Siding: All these things could be a result of moisture under the siding panels. And once you have moisture in your siding, you will need to get it replaced. Moisture can cause mold and even your siding to rot.
  • Bubbly Siding: Another problem due to moisture! Bubbles in your siding is a major problem because water is getting in. And with excessive moisture comes mold. And mold is dangerous for the health of your family.
  • Seam Separation: If you notice that the seams between the siding boards have come apart, then the siding needs to be replaced. Seam separation could be due to age or improper siding installation. You don’t want to leave the seams open. Water could get in there and cause mold or damage to the walls.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Pay attention to the season and what’s going on in your home, and if you believe that there is no reason why your energy bill should be higher then this could be due to faulty siding. The age of your siding could be the problem. After a while, your insulation will no longer be as strong, and you will need a replacement.

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Most of these issues are visual, so it will be easy for you to tell when your siding needs replacement. But do not wait until these issues become a bigger problem because you could end up replacing more than your siding. Ready to call Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.? Call us at 540-547-9100!