broken window on brick house

Have a Broken Window? Here is What You Do

When you break anything, take action immediately. Broken glass is dangerous, especially around children and pets. Not everyone knows exactly how to fix this problem correctly. Before you get a window replacement in Culpeper, here are a few steps to take immediately after you break a window. Clean Up Stop what you’re doing because broken glass cannot wait. Even if […]

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gutter contractor

Important Questions to Ask Your Gutter Contractor

Whether you are thinking about installing a gutter system where one doesn’t exist or replacing the one you’ve got, you need to make sure the company you hire to do the work is reputable and professional. You can use the following seven questions to get started: #1 Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Never hire a contractor who does not […]

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man mowing lawn

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is the time to clean out your closets and dust off the shelves in your home, but you should think about more than the interior of your home or business. You also need to think about the exterior. Winter weather leaves debris and damage, and if it’s better to take care of it in the spring before your packed […]

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installing siding

Common Signs That You Need to Replace Siding

If you have vinyl siding in Culpeper, and haven’t replaced it in a while, you may be wondering when it needs to be replaced. Or maybe you don’t give much thought to siding at all, but still want to make sure there’s nothing obvious you’re missing, since your vinyl still looks fine. Whatever has you curious about the signs of […]

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home siding

Is It Time For New Siding?

The siding of your home is the most important exterior feature of your home. Think of it as the clothing of your home. The siding is the attire and things like windows are accessories. So, it matters what your siding looks like because it gives everybody walking down the street the first impression of your home, perhaps, even a first […]

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home siding

Preventing Mold and Mildew from Growing on Your Home’s Siding

The state of Virginia suffers from unpredictable weather. It’s February and the Culpeper area has experienced rain, snow, and 70-degree weather in the span of two weeks. Consequently, this means that rain and humidity did not stop in the fall and will continue throughout the winter. Unfortunately, rain and humidity are huge causes of mold and mildew. But how can […]

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Vinyl siding and windows

6 Reasons Why Vinyl Siding is the Best Choice for Your Home

Has your home’s siding reached its end? Are you looking for siding options for your home in the Culpeper area? We believe that vinyl siding is the best choice for your home. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice due to its many benefits. Great insulation: Due to its vinyl material, heat and cold do not transfer through vinyl as […]

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home improvement

Home Improvement Projects for 2020

If you’re a homeowner, then you know that there’s always something that needs to be done around the house. Projects that make your house look better and run more efficiently is part of owning your own property. Although there are many projects that add to the fun of a house, such as putting in an outdoor kitchen or redecorating one […]

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Windows, Windows, Windows…

This is a great time to get your windows replaced before the winter totally kicks in and you are left with a wet and drafty home. Let’s talk about several different windows and why it would be a good time to do these now.     Historic windows: Historically accurate replacement windows have the energy efficiency benefits that have come […]

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winterize windows

4 Ways to Winterize Your Windows

Winter has hit Culpeper, Virginia and it has hit it hard. We’ve had some really low freezing temperatures which just makes us wish that we could stay home and hibernate for days. But we can’t escape the weather, and the only thing we can do is keep the comfort in our homes. Low temperatures like these, can make it expensive for many families with older […]

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