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Preparing Your Home for Hurricanes

Today marks the last day in August and the beginning to the peak of the Atlantic Ocean’s hurricane season. Threats in the state of Virginia (and the greater Culpeper area) are the greatest in the month of September. Although the month begins tomorrow, it’s not too late to make preparations to your home for any hurricane threats. Take a look below at our list of ways to ensure your home makes it through any upcoming storms!

hurricane damaged home


    1. Inspect the Trees on the Property – Take a look at all of the trees along your property. If you find any loose  or damaged tree limbs, they should be removed to eliminate potential damage. If a tree looks like it has the capability to uproot, it should be removed altogether.
    2. Buy a Generator – When hurricanes make landfall, one of their biggest contributions is a power outage. To keep your family safe, you should purchase a generator for your home to provide backup energy.
    3. Keep Siding Updated – You should evaluate the condition of your siding often, but especially before hurricane season approaches. If your siding looks like it’s cracking, warping, there are crevasses or other flaws, it should be removed and replaced. If you do not replace damaged siding, it can be torn from the house during a storm and allow for other parts of the siding to become damaged.
    4. Install Hurricane Shutters – Hurricane shutters offer protection to windows and glass in the home. They are great for protecting the home from wind and rain, but can also protect from any objects that may be thrown toward the home from the storm.
    5. Install New Windows – You can also have new windows installed onto your home that offer debris protection. These windows provide a barrier against storms and are impact-resistant.

hurricane shutters


Before we see any major storms this season, you should ensure that your home is safe and secure. If you are in need of new windows or siding, you should call Culpeper Window & Siding today for a free quote.