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Safe Outdoor Holiday Decorating

It’s finally here, the holiday season! This time of the year is very exciting for a lot of Americans, who celebrate holidays in December. If you’re one of them, you’re probably getting into the holiday spirit and decorating your home. But, when you decorate, you need to remember to be safe! Outdoor decorating can especially be dangerous, if done incorrectly. So, we’ve put together this list of outdoor holiday decorating tips, in order to stay safe!

hanging Christmas lights

  1. While using ladders outdoors, make sure to keep them away from any overhead power lines. Also, make sure that they are securely placed on a flat portion of ground.
  2. Before using any lights, make sure they are free of frays, cracks or breaks in the wire. If you find damaged lights, they should be discarded and replaced (ideally with LED or solar powered lights).
  3. Make sure to use lights and extension cords that are labeled for outdoor use!
  4. When hanging your lights outdoors, do not use nails that are hammered into the cords.
  5. Use a timer on both indoor and outdoors lights. This will not only save you electricity, but ensure that you prevent any fire hazards.
  6. Keep both indoor and outdoor cords/wires from places where people can trip.
  7. Make sure the holiday lights you choose have cleared safety tests conducted by Underwriters Lab.
  8. If you decorate with inflatable decorations outdoors, make sure that they are properly secured using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc. Siding hopes that you have a great holiday season, but it should be safe as well!