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Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget the Gutters

Spring has arrived in Culpeper and as we mentioned in our 6 Spring Home Maintenance Tips post, cleaning your gutters is one of the most important tasks for Spring. Of course, we believe that the rest of the tasks included in that post are also important, but because we have April showers on the horizon, cleaning your gutters should be your number one priority.

And why is it so important to clean your gutters?

Did you know that the #1 one cause of flooded basements and damaged foundation are clogged gutters? The purpose of gutters is to direct rainfall away from your home. In order to do that, your gutters must be clean. Leaves and debris pile up during the fall and winter season, and if you don’t make a habit of cleaning your gutters regularly, it can be a huge problem when Spring comes around.

clogged gutters

When your gutters are clogged, the water will overflow and stream down your home’s siding. The water can also flow down a crawlspace (if your home has one) through the natural cracks in the foundation. Aside from a flooded basement, the overflow of water can cause mold and mildew problems.

Rotten wood is another problem caused by clogged gutters. The overflow of water can rot your home’s fascia boards, eaves, and soffits. And once they have rotted, you would definitely need a gutter replacement.

As you can see clogged gutters can lead to costly damage. The best way to keep all of this from happening is by being proactive. If your home is surrounded by many trees, you need to always keep an eye on your gutters. Depending on your home’s landscape, some homeowners might have to clean their gutters monthly while others, only a couple of times a year. But it’s better to do it then to have damage to your foundation or basement.

As a tip, inspect your gutters before and after all storms. And if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees, keep a special eye on it. You will most likely have to clean your gutters more regularly than everyone else.

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Remember that Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc. is here to help you with all your gutter needs! If you are in need of gutter replacement, give us a call at 540-547-9100.