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sweeping leaves

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall in Virginia started last week and the season change has already brought some cooler weather! Although you might be digging your ability to bust out and wear your favorite Fall plaids, jeans, boots and more, your house isn’t feeling the same way. Your home will be more affected by lower temperatures, rainy days and upcoming snow storms. Because your […]

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drafty window

Window Drafts in the Summer

During the Winter, your windows can let in cold drafts, making it unbearable to live in your home without cranking the heat way up. However, the Winter isn’t the only season you should be worried about when it comes to drafty windows. Although you may not notice as much, your windows can still let in “drafts” during the Summer. Drafty […]

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man replacing window

Why You Would Want Professional Window Replacement

Many homeowners believe that if they do repairs themselves, they can save money. While that could sometimes be the case if you already have experience, professional repair or installation is better left to the professionals. When it comes to window replacement, the installation is just as important as the quality of the windows. Doing it yourself or hiring an amateur […]

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window safety

Window Safety Tips

Did you know that October is National Window Covering Safety Month? During this month the issue of dangling window cords is highlighted. Dangling cords can pose a threat to infants and toddlers as they can become entangled in them. Therefore, it is recommended to install cordless window coverings or coverings with inaccessible cords. But aside from cordless window coverings, what […]

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window crack

Causes of Window Cracks and Temporary Fixes

Welcome back to our blog! Today’s post is about… You guessed it! Preventing cracks on your window from spreading. To be more clear, we will show you how to slow down the process, because eventually your window WILL break and you want to get it replaced by our team before it happens! What causes window cracks? Your window’s crack could […]

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