broken window

What to Do if a Window Breaks

Happy summer day Culpeper! We hope you are enjoying a day off and if you are not, drive carefully because accidents happen. One accident that we see a lot is a broken window. Most of our clients call us because they need to replace their old windows, but we do get those that just need one window replaced. A broken window can be dangerous and a nuisance, especially on a snow day such as this one.

Tips to deal with a broken window:

cleaning broken glass from floor

  • The first thing you need to do is clean the broken glass:
    • Move furniture and carpets that are in the way (these will be cleaned separately).
    • Sweep the area and throw away glass.
    • Vacuum the area, just in case any glass was missed.
    • If you want to make sure that there is no glass, mop the floor (if not carpet).
    • Vacuum and inspect furniture or items close to the broken window.
    • Dispose of the glass in the vacuum bag.

After cleaning up, the next thing you need to do is cover the window. If it’s nice outside leaving the window open for a few hours is not a bad thing. But leaving it open at night or during snowy or rainy weather could cause damage to the inside of your home.

  • Cover the window:
    • Remove any loose glass hanging from the window frame (If they are firmly in, do not break them, leave them there).
    • You can cover your window by either using a tarp or heavy duty plastic bags.
    • You can also try covering up your window with cardboard.

boarding up broken window

If you just want the pane replaced we DO NOT offer this type of service, please call Residential Glass in Culpeper or your local glass company.

If you’d like a brand new replacement window then give us a call Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc. at 540-547-9100. We will restore comfort and privacy to your home.

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