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Why Your Gutters Need A Summer Cleaning

The rain seems to have taken a break in our Culpeper area. So while we have the sun, we suggest a little gutter cleaning. Summer gutter cleaning you say? I know. It’s not what you usually clean in the summer. Although this task is usually saved for after the fall season, we believe you should be cleaning your gutters at least twice a year and summer should be one of those times.overgrown gutter

  • Rain: The spring rain can cause a mess on your roof with leaves, sticks, and debris falling onto your gutters. And although the rain season is still not over, you still need to be conscious of your gutters and how clean they are. Make sure that your gutters are not clogged, because if they are it could cause a basement flood. Additionally, if water gets around the base of your house your foundation could be damaged. You do not want to ruin your summer by paying someone to fix the damage.
  • Mold: Aside from avoiding structural damage, you will also avoid mold growth. When your gutters are clean and working to filter water away from your home you will avoid the dangers of mold. If your gutters are not working properly, the water will get behind the walls and create the perfect climate for mold. Protect your family from the danger of mold, specifically “black mold” which can cause nerve, immune system, respiratory, and vascular problems.
  • Bugs: A clogged gutter is the perfect spot for bugs to make a home. It is isolated, warm, and far away from the ground- which means they don’t have to worry about ground-level predators. It’s paradise for them, but not for you. Clogged clutters can attract insects like termites and carpenter ants.

So, get to cleaning your gutters and prepare them for fall! If you get up there and find out that you might need new gutters, don’t be a stranger and give Culpeper Window and Siding a call!