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Window Drafts in the Summer

During the Winter, your windows can let in cold drafts, making it unbearable to live in your home without cranking the heat way up. However, the Winter isn’t the only season you should be worried about when it comes to drafty windows. Although you may not notice as much, your windows can still let in “drafts” during the Summer. Drafty windows can be a huge problem for both your comfort and your energy bill. If your windows are letting in streams of heat, they can also let out streams of cold air from your air conditioner. In return, your air conditioning system will need to work even harder to make up for it. In order to keep your bill low and your family comfortable, you will need to insulate your windows. Here are a few of ways to do this:

  1. Weatherstrip your windows – Weatherstripping is an easy process to seal air leaks throughout your home. You can use a wide variety of materials, including foam, felt, vinyl or metal. For more information on how to weatherstrip, check out this instructional guide.
  2. Utilize cell shades – This option provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. Cell shades help trap air in their pockets, which prevents extreme temperatures changes from occurring in your home. You’ll want to buy cell shades with large cells and a higher cell count. The larger the cell and the higher the cell count, the more energy efficient the cell shade is.
  3. Apply window film – These can easily be applied to decrease the amount of heat that penetrates your windows, keeping your house much cooler.

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If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and your windows are still letting in warm air, it may be time to update them entirely. We can assist you in selecting energy-efficient windows that will make the Summer heat more bearable for you and your family. Give us a call today to discuss your window options. 540-547-9100.

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