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Window Replacement Can Save You Money

As much as they contribute to the livability and enjoyment of your home, uninsulated, single pane windows or aging dual-pane windows don’t provide much protection against heat transfer between the inside and outside. When you have outdated windows, the only way to stop the energy drain is through window replacement in Culpeper. All you need to do is hold your hand against the glass on a cold or hot day to sense how energy efficient your windows are

How Windows Affect Energy Bills

Besides the heat transfer, when you have metal frames, you’re going to be losing even more energy due to the windows. In the winter, the metal frames will pull heat outdoors and make the much interior warmer in the summer. Although the heat that comes in from direct sunshine feels good in the winter, it will increase your cooling bills in the summer.

Sometimes windows also have air leaks around the frames and panes. Time and the quality of window installation affect how good the seal is between the exterior of the home and the window frame. Constant exposure to outdoor air, moisture and sunshine dry out the caulk and air can flow outside and indoors, as well, depending on the weather.

Between the heat transfer and the air infiltration, inefficient windows can cost you a good deal of money winter and summer to keep your home comfortable. Window replacement in Culpeper can stop this drain on your budget, as well as increasing the appeal of your home and its value.

It’s well-known that people looking for a new home consider its energy efficiency an important factor, as well as the home’s exterior appearance, especially from the street. New windows can improve the appearance of a home significantly.

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What to Look for in New Windows

The U.S. EPA partners with the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to rate the energy efficiency of windows. The NFRC looks at these factors:

• Solar heat gain (SHG). This is the amount of heat from the sunshine that comes through the window when exposed to direct sunlight. Look for low numbers to reduce cooling bills.

• U-factor. This describes the amount of heat the window lets escape through the glass. In this measurement, low numbers are best.

• Visible transmittance. This number indicates how much daylight the glass transmits. Look for higher numbers if you like a bright daytime interior.

• Air leakage. The NFRC identifies how much air could leak through the window. This number excludes leakage due to issues with window installation. If the window itself isn’t tightly fit and sealed, air can leak through it and into your home.

The pros at Culpeper Window & Siding can help you select the right windows for your home based on your budget and design goals.

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How Windows Save Money

When you stop the heat transfer through the glass that occurs 24/7 during the winter and summer, your home will stay more comfortable without needing the HVAC system. Anything you can do to lower your heating and cooling bills will save your energy dollars. A window replacement in Culpeper could add years to your HVAC system since it won’t need to work as hard to assure your comfort.

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