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Window Safety Tips

Did you know that October is National Window Covering Safety Month? During this month the issue of dangling window cords is highlighted. Dangling cords can pose a threat to infants and toddlers as they can become entangled in them. Therefore, it is recommended to install cordless window coverings or coverings with inaccessible cords.

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But aside from cordless window coverings, what else can you do to practice window safety at home?

  • Keep windows closed and locked when children are alone in the room.
  • Teach children not to play around windows.
  • Position furniture away from windows.
  • If you have blinds, cords, or drapes, remember to keep away from children or supervise them when in the room.
  • Open windows that children can’t reach.
  • There are window opening control devices that will limit the opening of the window. It will prevent accidental falls by limiting the window sash to less than 4 inches.
  • Plant shrubs or plants under windows in case of a fall.
  • Don’t rely on insect window screens to prevent falls – don’t lean against them.
  • If a window is broken, clean up the broken glass right away.

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Children are the most at risk when it comes to windows, and accidents can be prevented by taking the necessary steps.

And in case of an emergency where you have to escape through a window, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your windows are not painted or nailed shut.
  • Do not install air conditioners in the windows where you would escape through.
  • Ensure that your window guards have a release mechanism in case of an emergency.
  • Have an escape plan and test it. Make sure to practice it several times so that everyone knows it.

Practice window safety year-round to avoid accidents. If you are in the Culpeper area and are in need of window replacement, give us a call at 540-547-9100.

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