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Windows, Windows, Windows…

This is a great time to get your windows replaced before the winter totally kicks in and you are left with a wet and drafty home. Let’s talk about several different windows and why it would be a good time to do these now.

Keeping sashes for these old 1800 windows for the customers for when or if they ever sell this beautiful home.


Taking off the storm windows. Do not need them anymore after new wood windows are installed.

New Jeldwen windows being installed. Wood interior/Vinyl exterior by Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.

This picture does not do this house justice on the size of these windows! HUGE! Jeldwen Wood Windows. Wood interior/Vinyl exterior by Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.


Installing Jeldwen Wood Windows. Wood interior/Vinyl exterior by Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.

Historic windows:

Historically accurate replacement windows have the energy efficiency benefits that have come with modern innovations in window-making, while maintaining the classic look of windows from the past, especially through the use of woods like mahogany, pine, and fir.

We use Jeldwen windows for historical homes who want to keep the look of the wood interior and vinyl, low maintenance outside. We cap and caulk the interior & exterior of these windows so you won’t have to paint anymore. We even will help you store your sashes in case you need them when selling your home in the future. We take great pride in preserving as much of your old home.

You WILL NOT NEED STORM WINDOWS after you put in these new windows. Can you imagine that? What a blessing this is for many people who don’t want to climb ladders or pay someone to help you with these windows. These windows have Low-E Glass & Argon Gas. Read below about the benefits that even Vinyl, Double Hung Windows will give you!

The maintenance on these historic windows are just like any double hung window. You lift them up and tilt them in to clean them. Of course, I would always get help when cleaning any windows.


Home is in the early 1900s. Replaced leaky, drafty windows with Low-E & Argon Gas filled. double-paned windows. By Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.


Vinyl, Double Hung Windows with Low-E Glass & Argon Gas:

When we install Low-E Glass & Argon Gas Filled Windows this causes the temperature of your window to become closer to room temperature, which lowers air flow and drafts when contrasting temperatures come into contact with one another. As a result, your home will remain insulated and you will start to use less heat in the winter and less air conditioning in the summer. In addition, the Low-E Glass protects the interior of your home from fading or discoloration.

Energy Efficiency, Condensation & Frost, NO Deterioration

With standard windows, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can transmit solar radiation, which substantially increases the heat inside of your home. But the Low-E Glass on an Argon Gas Filled Windows increases energy efficiency due to its ability to decrease solar heat gain by reducing the transfer of the sun’s damaging UV light. The accumulation of condensation and frost on your windows can create moisture, make your home less comfortable and result in heat loss.

If you’ve never had good windows you will need to have someway to get the humidity out of your home at first. Vents in bathrooms, dehumidifier in rooms or have your A/C company installed with a dehumidifier. I’m a Florida girl originally and we did not need dehumidifiers. We didn’t walk around shocking each other. I had to get this installed immediately in the winter. Low-E & Argon Gas Windows drastically reduce the chance of frost and condensation appearing even in the coldest temperatures. Unlike oxygen, which can deteriorate the material around the windows and advances the loss of both hot and cool air, argon will not ruin the frame material and can increase the life-span of your windows.

Low-E & Argon Gas Windows also deter the transfer of sound through a window. If you have noisy neighbors, installing an argon glass window may be an excellent solution to your noise problem.

Even if you only invest in a vinyl, double-hung window filled with Low-E & Argon Gas you will save a good amount of money on your utility bill which will justify the installation of these types of window. Plus you won’t be cold in the winter or as hot in the summer.

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