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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter has already begun, on December 21st, which means it’s time for a new season of home maintenance! Culpeper Window and Siding, Inc. wants to make sure that you’re always taking great care of your home, because that’s what keeps it looking new and feeling great! So, let’s take a look at a few things you should do for the Winter time:


man shoveling snow


  1. Replace screen doors with storm doors and window screens with storm windows
  2. Replace any weatherstripping, if necessary
  3. Check for drafts around your door and window frames. If necessary, caulk inside and out.
  4. Trim branches away from your home, to prevent any from falling
  5. Remove any hoses that are attached to outside nozzles and store them for the Winter. This will prevent water damage. Furthermore, shut off all exterior faucets to protect against pipe bursts.
  6. Clean leaves up from your yard. This will ensure your yard isn’t damaged during the off-season.
  7. Prepare for snow by making sure all of your snow tools are ready to go (i.e. snowblower, shovels, ice, etc.)
  8. Check your fireplace for drafts and if you find one, have a professional inspect it
  9. Clean and replace all air filters in your home
  10. If you have a home humidifier, make sure to inspect it
  11. Check all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  12. Remove any window unit air conditioners
  13. Reverse ceiling fans, so that the air will blow down warm air for energy efficiency
  14. Clear your gutters of any debris